5 Simple Steps For Throwing A Baby Shower Like A Pro

Making a baby shower truly special involves a little more than throwing up a banner and serving cake. If you really want to impress your guests, some style and panache is definitely in order. Follow these five steps for organizing a baby shower and you may even be asked if you hired a professional event coordinator.

1. Choosing Invitations

Set the mood from moment that your baby shower attendees open their invitations by selecting a design that ties in directly with the theme. You can choose a set of baby shower invitations that come with a coordinating themed centerpiece, goodie bags and decorations, or you can simply find invites that match the baby shower's color scheme. Sprinkle some confetti or adorn the shower invites with stickers for an extra special touch.

2. Seating Arrangements

Whether you are hosting a baby shower in a private residence or have rented out a hall, you will want to determine seating arrangements ahead of time. Use custom place cards for more formal baby showers or direct guests to their seats if you want to keep things casual.

3. Selecting Decorations

You can use streamers, ribbons and colorful banners to make the event more joyous, but don't forget the centerpiece. Spectacular balloon centerpieces can be a cause for celebration all on their own, especially if they tie in with the rest of the baby shower theme. You can go to sites online for design ideas. Choose a delightful baby shower themed centerpiece that will catch the attention of your party guests as well as make for a wonderful keepsake.

4. Serving Refreshments

Undoubtedly, your guests will get hungry and want to know where the refreshments are. Keep the menu simple by laying out a variety of easy to make finger foods. By serving smaller portions, guests will feel free to mingle, socialize and keep the attention on the guest of honor.

5. Entertainment

It isn't necessary to hire a live band for a baby shower, but you will certainly need to keep your baby shower attendees entertained. Organize baby shower themed games for your guests to play, put on some background music and watch the real fun begin. Remember to leave enough time for the mother to open all the gifts that each guest graciously brings.

Leave some extra time at the end of the baby shower so that you can clean up, say your goodbyes and prepare to finally meet a precious bundle of joy.