Ideas For Daily Team Building Activities

If you're hoping to foster better cooperation in a healthy work environment, you can plan an employee development activity each day that focuses on team building. The best team building exercises get your employees thinking, laughing, and making mistakes as they make their way through physical and mental challenges. Here are some ideas you can easily include in the workday to make it both challenging and fun for your employees.

1. Shrinking Challenge

In this challenge, tape a boundary on the floor of a conference room or open space and have all employees stand inside the space. Then, gradually move the boundaries in as all the employees strive to find a way to keep people within the lines. This challenge gets more difficult as the tape shrinks. For more motivation, split employees into two groups and see which group can keep the most people in the smallest boundary for the longest amount of time. 

2. The Blindfold Game

Split the employees into two groups. Have one group blindfolded and one able to see. Assign a task, like building a tower with blocks or putting together a puzzle, where the blindfolded team is the only team allowed to interact with the task. The seeing group must direct the people who are blindfolded on what they need to do to get the task done. This team building exercise helps to foster listening and directing skills through active communication.

3. Building Bridges

Split the group up into two teams and put them in separate places (like one group in the conference room and another in the break room). The task for for each sub-team to build half a bridge using the same materials with things like popsicle sticks, tape, paper, or paper clips. Using two-way radios, the teams must collaborate their designs, trying to make each half identical without being able to see what the other team is doing. Once the exercise is complete, the two halves are brought together to see how well the two groups communicated. 

4. Water Transport Team

Working in groups of four or five people, each team must retrieve plastic cups full of water from various places around the room. However, each person on the team can only use one arm and one leg during the whole challenge and the water cannot be spilled or the team must begin again. The first group to successfully collect all the water cups into a central location wins.