3 Fun Indoor Activity Ideas For Your Child’s Next Birthday Party

Trying to come up with some fun ways to pass the time at your child's next indoor birthday party? Here are three fun ideas to consider.

Balloon Decorating

An excellent way to keep the kids busy during your child's indoor birthday party is to have them decorate some balloons. Fill a tub with permanent markers, water paints, and stickers that can be used to decorate the balloons and set it out on a large table where everyone can reach the goods. Give each child one balloon at a time to decorate upon arriving at the party, and, once they're all decorated, the kids can help you hang them up around the room for decorative purposes.

Alternatively, you can give the kids some flour, water, and newspaper to cover the balloons with. Cut the newspaper into strips and mix some flour and water together in a large bowl to create a paste. The children will use the paste to stick the newspaper onto the balloons. Once the newspaper dries, the paper mache balloons can be decorated with the embellishments you provide and then taken home as memorabilia.

Hat Embellishing

Another fun way for the kids to pass the time during the festivities is to embellish hats that they can take home and wear after the party. Ask each guest to bring a basic ball cap with them to decorate, or buy paper hats to provide everyone with. Gather a variety of embellishing accessories for the kids to use such as:

  • Glitter
  • Iron-on Patches (an adult should do the ironing!)
  • Doilies
  • Satin Fabric Strips
  • Glue

Pizza Making

If the kids attending your child's birthday party are like most, they enjoy eating a good pizza anytime the opportunity arises. A tasty way to spice up the event is to give the party guests everything they need to make their own personal pizzas. To make things easy, buy premade personal-sized pizza crusts and set them out on the counter with jars of pizza sauce and a variety of vegetables – don't forget the pepperoni and cheese!

It's a good idea to cook the vegetables beforehand so each pizza needs only a couple of minutes in the oven to bake. Have the kids line up at one end of the table you've put the pizza ingredients on so they can create their personal pies in a similar fashion as an assembly line. Once a child finishes their creation, put it in line for the oven and direct them to the snack table to wait for their pizza to be ready.

These activities should be easy to implement and will keep the kids busy indoors where there isn't a lot of room to run and play. For more party ideas and decorations, contact a company like Life O' The Party.